Three... Extremes

Ending of the first film: the middle age woman is informed by her doctor that she's two months pregnant. She does an abortion by herself and eats her child stuffed inside dumplings. Ending of the second film: the little girl isn't a girl but the film extra's son, dressed like a girl. As the extra is about to chop off the filmmaker's wife's hands, he slips on the wife's ring that's on the floor and falls next to her. She tears off part of his throat and he dies. The extra's son sees this and says "I'll get even." Then the filmmaker strangles his wife. Ending of the third film: Shoko receives an invitation to the circus tent where she used to perform with her sister Kyoko and the magician. Shoko asks for forgiveness to her sister for putting her inside the box when they were younger. The magician puts Shoko in a plastic bag and buries her alive; this is how her dream always ends. But when Shoko wakes up, we see that she and her sister are siamese twins.


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