White Noise 2: The Light

Corrected entry: After being revived, Nathan Fillion would had to be placed under psychiatric observation for attempted suicide, and then also would be eligible for facing criminal charges. Under no circumstances would he be allowed to freely leave hospital.

Correction: In such a case, the state or city would have to press charges against him, they must have decided not to. We also don't know how long he was in the hospital. He could easily have been held for a week for observation and then released. There might well have been court mandated shrink visits once a week for him that were simply not shown on film.

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Corrected entry: After the cafe scene at the beginning of the movie, the camera pans across the 'dead' body of the gunman, who is still clutching the said weapon after shooting himself in the head. However, this cannot be possible, as the force of the shot would have blasted the gun out of his hand and across the floor.

Correction: Either he didn't die right away (it's possible, Google "Phineas Gage") or his muscles seized up sufficiently to allow him to maintain a postmortem grip on the gun.

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