Happily N'Ever After
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Rick: Munk's the guy who looks at the glass as half-empty. Mambo's the guy who... Probably peed in the glass.

Rick: Uhh... happy music please.

Ella: Rick! I was dancing with the prince and my dress disappeared.
Rick: Ok, too much information, but thank you.

Rumplestiltskin: I stole A baby! That's about as evil as it gets.

Frieda: I hate that girl! She's so... girly.

Fairy Godmother: Time to get your prince, my dear Mozzarella.
Ella: It's Cinderella.
Fairy Godmother: Really? Why'd you change it?

Rick: Believe it or not, it gets worse.

Frieda: Forty flights of stairs in heels? This had better be good.

The Wizard: Time for my vacation! I'm off to Scotland.
Mambo: Uhh... why?

Munk: Cinderella, going to the ball... again.

Mambo: I hate gravity.

Other mistake: While the wizard is speaking near the portal, a ghost image of him appears to the left.

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