Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight

Blue talks with Taylor and Lt. Lucas. Blue says that Stark and Jimmy will be killed. Taylos tells Lucas that he wants to see Stark in the middle of things, and will not get involved.Diddler is killed for being a snitch. Jimmy vows revenge, and Stark says that he will get life he is kills Blue and Wheelhead. President's Day comes and the press come to the prison. Stark is stabbed by Blue and Wheelhead. Jimmy founds out and so does the rest of the prison and riot occurs. Jimmy gets some gasoline fromt he roof and wraps a towel around a stick. Jimmy splashes Gas on Blue and Wheelhead. Jimmy beats both of them and lights the stick on fire. One of the guards says he will shoot Jimmy but stops once he learns that a fire will occurs if he does so. Wheelhead admits that him and Blue killed Diddler and stabbed Stark. A few days later, Stark is shown walking out of the prison and gives his law book to Jimmy has Jimmy becomes the new consular.


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