Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back

Tommy tells Margo becuase he killed a man, he no longer teaches martial arts, as this went against what he believed in. Preacher Brian learns that the gang is ordering weapons, and tells Donnie that he only believes in seperation instead of killing. Donnie then kills Brian and become the leader of the group. Some of the gang members attempt to rape Margo, but Tommy stops then and when he gets back to his sister's house, he finds out that Justin and Luther have been taken by the gang. Tommy and Jack go into the base of the gang to rescue Justin and Luther. Jack gets the kids and Margo rescues them in a school bus. Tommy fights Donnie and beats him. Donnie tells Tommy to kill him, and Tommy says that hate does not solve the problem. Donnie orders the gang members to shoot Tommy but they do not shoot him. Donnie tries to shoot Tommy, but Owen kills Donnie, since Tommy did not kill him earlier.The chruch that was burnt down by the gang is being rebuilt.


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