I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Corrected entry: When Ben set up the fake accident scene, how did he know when and where Ray would be driving on that specific road?


Correction: It's possible he could have overheard Ray and his friend talking about it.

Corrected entry: I Know What You Did Last Summer was set in the summer of both 1997 and then 1998, making this film set in the summer of 1999. However written on Julie's grave is "Julie James 1979-1998" - it should be 1999. (01:10:15)

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Correction: The film is set in the summers of 1996 and then 1997, making I Still Know What You Did Last Summer set in 1998.

Corrected entry: When Julie sees Ben Willis at the club, he has two hands despite losing one in the first movie. (00:13:00)

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Correction: That's because he's not really there! Julie thinks he is but he's at the island waiting for her to arrive. She's seeing things.


Corrected entry: When Tyrell gets hooked in the neck, the blood coming from his neck is obviously CG. It disappears into thin air, and none of it stains his tee-shirt or skin. (01:14:45)

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Correction: If you watch in slow motion you can see globs of blood dropping, but moving outward since he is flailing around. His movement along with the hooks prevent it from just flowing straight down, but it did not just disappear.

Corrected entry: In "I Know What You Did Last Summer", David Egan dates Susie Willis, who they said is Ben Willis' daughter. In the sequel, Ben Willis' wife's name is Susie, and his daughter is Sara Willis.

Correction: When? I never heard that switched reference, and I'm watching it now. In addition, I did slow motion on the headstone scene when they see Julie's spray painted stone, and you can see Susan Willis born 1977, died 1996, Sarah Willis 1956-1980.

Corrected entry: When Brandy returns from outdoors soaking wet, she immediately reaches inside the door and pulls the "light switch", which is just a tangle of wires. Brandy would certainly have received an electric shock.

Correction: Not necessarily. Wet or not, to receive an electric shock she would have to have touched an exposed, live conductor. There is no proof that any of the conductors (the metal part) of those wires were exposed or live, or if so, that she actually touched the exposed, live part.

Corrected entry: Brandy and Julie win a Caribbean trip after answering the question, "What is the capital of Brazil?" Their answer is "Rio de Janeiro". The capital of Brazil is "Brasilia"; it was moved from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia in 1960.

Correction: The person doing the phony contest wanted the gang to come to the island so he could terrorize them, so he lied and said their answer was correct. This intentional misstatement is pointed out later in the movie.

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Corrected entry: How come there was absolutely NO mentioned of the final scene of I Know What You Did Last Summer? I understand that the writers may not have expected to do a sequel, but once they knew they were, they should have come up with SOME plausible way that Jennifer Love Hewitt escaped the attack in the steamy dorm shower at the end of the first movie.

Correction: This is actually explained in the film, although you have to listen carefully or you'll miss it. After Julie's dream at the beginning of the movie she goes out of the classroom and Will follows her. She tells him she had ANOTHER dream and he asks "The one in the shower?" referencing the end of the first film, to which she replies "No, the one in the church". So the end of the original film was just a dream. A cop out, but not a mistake.

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