Blood Diamond

Solomon (Djimon Hounsou) and Danny (Leonardo DiCaprio) go to the mine where Solomon buried the pink diamond. Solomon finds his son, Dia, among the R.U.F. troops and shortly after the Colonel's troops show up and attack. The Colonel tells Danny that he wants to see the diamond. Solomon doesn't want to reveal where the diamond is because he doesn't trust the Colonel but then Danny uses Dia to force Solomon to take them to the diamond. Solomon digs up the diamond and then he and Danny attack the Colonel and some other soldiers and run away with the diamond. Danny is wounded and Solomon carries him. Danny's pilot is on his way to pick him up and the Colonel's soldiers are catching up to Danny, Solomon and Dia.

Before dying from his wound, Danny gives the diamond to Solomon and he calls Maddy (Jennifer Connelly) and tells her to help Solomon and to write a good article on the blood diamonds situation. Maddy and Solomon work together to expose the Van de Kaap jewelry company that's tied to the blood diamond business. Solomon sells the diamond to the company in exchange for his family to be taken out of the refugee camp. Maddy takes photos of the deal between Solomon and the company. Maddy's article is published and the jewelry company is exposed. Solomon is reunited with his family and he speaks before a council about his experience in the blood diamond mines. Some words onscreen narrate that in 2003 there was a draft called the Kimberley Process to combat the flow of blood diamonds; it is also mentioned that the war in Sierra Leone is over but there are still child soldiers in Africa.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning, the bad guy with a red beret tells the kid about the consequences of voting. He extends his left hand with a paper in it. In the next angle he is holding a machete. Then in the next one, he is back with the paper.


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Danny Archer: I'm here to see Commander Zero.
Commander Rambo: I am Captain Rambo.
Danny Archer: Hey, I've seen your movies, huh.

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Answer: Bribery, false documents, smuggling. Take your pick.

Answer: Diplomatic immunity.


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