Big Nothing

Reverend Smalls who turned out to be a snuff movie maker, was actually shot by his own wife. The man Charlie had mistaken for the reverend and accidently drowned in the septic tank was her lover Max. Josie McBroom burries a hatchet into her head. Deputy Garman, who'd been taken hostage, ends up accidently smashing his skull against a toilet lid, as he tries to escape. The still alive Mrs. Smalls falls out of the trio's moving car who they then run over. Agent Hymes turns out to be corrupt and kills Gus over the trio's $2 million. Charlie and Josie forces him to eat a large suguary lollypop, knowing full well he's diabetic and a mass of sugar will be fatal. Joise then turns a gun on Charlie, revealing that Hymes was correct about her earlier, she's the wyoming widower a female multiple murderess who poisons her victims with Methanol laced whisky, which she makes him drink at gun point. He has the last laugh as he swapped the bag of money for his kid's toys. Fleeing the town she hitches a ride with none other than the oregon undertaker, the local serial killer, the police have been pursuing.


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