The Host

When the park family opens fire on the beast whilst it's drinking rainwater, Hie-bong is swatted onto the concrete. When the monster returns to it's lair to finds See-joo/Seju & Hyun-seo trying to escape it re-captures them, storing then in it's gob before going looking for a new hiding place. Kang-du overhears that the virus is bogus, just bull spread around by the american forces in order to ensure no mutations have been spread to any humans, plus giving them an excuse to use one of their new chemical weapons. Kang's overhearing, ensures he's all but labotomized by the surgeons, he bluffs his way out of quarrantine and rejoins up with his sister, Nam-ju and younger brother Nam-il. Agent yellow is used on the monster who spews up See-joo/Seju & Hyun-seo, but still kepps going so the three sibling between them finish it off. First by tricking it into mistaking petrol for water (So as it stops for a drink they douse it in the stuff), Nam-ju shoots it in the eye with a blazing arrow, stumbling to leap in the river, Kang blocks it's path and impales it through it's open gob with signpost pole (using it like a makeshift spear), dying it collapses on it's side dead...but it's got the last laugh since Hyun-seo has suffocated/been crushed while inside it. She hasn't died in vain as See-joo/Seju is succsessfully resusicatated by Kang as his siblings craddle their now dead neice. Cut to the winter and Kang is now back at his store, taking care of See-joo/Seju inbetween patrolling the water front with a rifle...looking to see if there are any other mutants dwelling beneath the deep.


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