The Wicker Man

Rowan turns out to be the daughter of Edward Malus (Nicolas Cage) and Willow. Sister Summersisle is Willow's mother. Rowan isn't the festival sacrifice for successful crops, it's Edward, and it was planned years ago when he met Willow. With the sea plane sunk and its pilot slain, Ed winds up being burned in the wicker man like in the original film. 6 months later, two guys in a bar are looking to pick up women and they meet Honey and Willow, meaning that they are the next sacrifice and will father children who will live in Summersisle. Alternate ending: a helmet with bees is placed on Edward and then he's given a shot of adrenaline from his kit. The final scene is when the wicker man's head falls and the scene that takes place 6 months later is removed.

Continuity mistake: In the woods on the island, when Edward first meets Sister Willow, he is about to close his sports coat, and in the next shot of him, the sports coat is buttoned up. After a quick shot of Sister Willow, in the next shot of Edward, his coat is entirely unbuttoned and open again.

Ian Hunt

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Edward Malus: Have you seen what she's drawn? Under her desk? It's... pretty disturbing.

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