Ken Park

Ken Park (2002)

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Continuity mistake: After Rhonda takes a bath, she pours a glass of water. She then slides next to Shawn in the bed. He has a cigarette in his hand with a lot of ash on the end. The next shot is a closeup of him handing her the cigarette. The ash is now much shorter.


Continuity mistake: As Rhonda hands Shawn the glass of water in bed, he holds a cigarette pointing down. The close-up shot shows him receiving the glass of water and passing the cigarette to her with it pointing up. There was not enough time from shot to shot to re-orient the cigarette.


Factual error: When Tate is playing Scrabble with his grandparents, his grandfather tries to use "SIPI" as a word. Tate challenges that word. He looks it up in the dictionary to find out if it is not a word. He then says, "I see sip and sepia, but no sipi." To find sipi, he would have to look after sip, not before sip. Sepia comes before sip. He should have said, depending on which dictionary, "I see sip and sit, but no sipi."


Continuity mistake: When Tate ties the bath robe sash around his neck to auto erotic asphyxiate, it comes from the door knob down the right side of his neck, then around his neck. The next shot, it is coming down the left side of his neck, then around his neck. The following shot, it is back down the right side of his neck again.


Continuity mistake: When Peaches is on her bed crying, the closeup shot shows her hair on the left side of her neck and chest. The next shot is a wide angle shot from above and her hair is no longer covering her neck and left chest.


Claude's father: You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family.

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