Angel Heart

Angel Heart (1987)

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Continuity mistake: After the dog attack, Angel is talking with Epiphany as a tan pickup passes. Just before the truck blocks our view, Angel is clutching his shirt and jacket to his chest with his right hand, and Epiphany's arms hang straight down. As the truck leaves the screen, Angel is holding just his jacket tightly in his fist, at his side (no shirt visible) and Epiphany's left hand clutches her kidney area. The changes are instantaneous, obviously from different takes. (01:16:05)


Continuity mistake: Angel lights a fresh, long cigarette. The shot changes to Epiphany for a few seconds, then returns to Angel as he looks at his hand and seems as surprised as I was that his cigarette is already half the length it was seconds ago. (01:24:45)


Plot hole: When Angel comes back to the doctor's home with food, he opens the bedroom door and turns on the light in that room. The lights are already on outside this room when we see him turn the doorknob. When Angel leaves, he leaves the light on in the bedroom and heads downstairs. Just before leaving out the front door, he turns off the light switch nearby. The shots changes to show the doc's body and the room going dark- as if Angel is still in the bedroom and turned off that light. (00:23:10)


Continuity mistake: As Angel pours his drink in close-up, a pair of dice are next to the glass, almost touching each other, and both have "5" facing away from Angel (and toward us). When the shot widens as he puts the bottle down, the dice are far apart and the one closest to the glass has "3" facing away from Angel. (00:35:30)


Continuity mistake: When Harry Angel is in New Orleans he stops at an oyster salesman who is wearing overalls. Then when a pit-bull is sent to chase Harry, notice that the oyster salesman is also wearing a white cowboy hat, it then vanishes in the final shot.

Continuity mistake: As Epiphany walks away from the baby-sitter's house, her bag instantly goes from hanging at her side in her hand to being slung over her shoulder in the wider shot. (01:17:00)


Continuity mistake: Angel undoes his girlfriend's bra, then the left/front garter clip, and then the right/front garter clip. But after he says "What do you mean, spells?", a wide shot shows she's on her back then sits up, and both front garters are still fastened. (00:33:15)


Continuity mistake: When Cyphre tells Angel to watch his language in close-up, he's sitting straight up. The wide shot shows Cyphre is leaning quite forward toward Angel as Angel responds. The next close-up shows Cyphre is as vertical as before. (01:22:10)


Pastor John: I want you to show right now how much you love God! I want you to show as your tithe! I want you to open up your hearts! And open up your wallets! And open up your purses! And give it up! Praise the Lord! Somebody's been talking about me, talking about I've been riding around in a Cadillac! If you love me, and you wanna give to me, then I should be in a Rolls Royce.

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