Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille manages to break into Antoine Richis' home and completes his collection with Laura. As he finishes perfecting his formula, just as he's caught. On the day of his execution, he uses his perfume on himself, to cause the entire towns population to go into a mass erotic orgy, allowing him in all the confusion to flee. He then empties the contents of his entire concoction all over himself and is ripped to shreds by a frenzied mob.

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The crescent-shaped scar which bisects the protagonist's right eyebrow in many scenes appears instead on the left eyebrow in many others. Same size and shape, but looking as if photo-reversed; for instance, when his face appears from the darkness to sniff over the shoulder of the red-haired girl, the scar is in the right eye-brow. But during the scene in the plaza before a huge crowd (the hanging scene) the scar is over his left eye.