The Grudge 2

Everyone in the house is killed by the curse, all except for Jake. He cries uncontrollably and later finds the girl he had seen the other day, the one wearing a big gray hood, who turns out to be Allison, the girl who had ventured into the haunted house earlier in the movie. He walks over to her, asking her what she had done. She refers to the grudge, answering that they followed her here. Suddenly the male grudge grabs her head from inside the jacket and both disappear, leaving an empty jacket on the floor. Jake, shocked, slowly grabs it. Then two pale hands shoot out from under it to take hold of his legs. Before you can see what happens next, the image of the haunted house appears onscreen. Miyuki quotes, "This is the most haunted house in all of Japan," along with Vanessa, "...and anyone who enters will get the curse."


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