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The Undefeated (1969)

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Corrected entry: When the government men were going to purchase the wild horses for the army, they offered to buy them at twenty five each. The Mexican men offered fifty five each, but John Wayne said he was selling them for thirty five each. So which is it? (00:30:15)

Correction: I heard the Mexican government men say $35.

I played it several times, they did say $55.

I too played it over and you hear him say $35. Even the transcript says $35.


I played it over and over, and it's definitely $35.


Visible crew/equipment: In the last scene, when they are riding alongside a river, shortly after the harmonica player changes songs, there's a closeup of John Wayne and appearing from the right on the other side of the river, a pickup truck appears, and then they quickly cut to different characters. (01:56:55)


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Shortgrub: You ain't expecting trouble, are you John Henry?
Col. John Henry Thomas: Trouble? Well, let's see... We got Maximilian on one hand and Juarez on the other, and bandits in between. And on top of that, we're Americans in Mexico taking a cavvy of horses to a very unpopular government. Why should we expect trouble?

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Question: Why are the Confederates in Mexico using the Confederate Battle flag and not the "official" Confederate Flag?

Noman Premium member

Answer: Because as far as they were concerned the battle was not over, the South would rise again.

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