Havoc (2005)

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Allison Lang convinces Emily to join Hector's gang. Which envolves sleeping with several gang members, Lang bulks but Emily decides to go on, until a threeway between Hector's brother Chino and Manuel occurs causing her to panic and flee. Emily unable to handle what just occurs claims rape, with Hector getting the blame. Toby, Sam & Nick decide to 'avenge her' by a drive by shooting of Hector's crew, While Chino and Manuel go gunning for Allison over Hector's incarnation, Both groups arriving at each others homes but find no one they want. Allison eventually makes Emily come clean in front of their families, but it's too late as neither of the makeshift hitsquads get the message, since Toby notices Mannuel's tattoo while waiting at opposite seperate traffic lights, leading to a hail of gunfire and tragedy as the screen goes black.

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In the scene Ann Hathaway and Bijou Phillips show up at the 16th street picnic. Freddy Rodriguez and another gang member stop them and ask them what their doing there. Freddy has a drink in a green cup in his right hand. Upon seeing the girls he throws it down. We hear it hit the ground. He raises his right hand while talking, no cup. Next shot he takes drink from a green cup.