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Highlander: Endgame (2000)

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Corrected entry: Duncan says that Connor disappeared "ten years ago to the day." That would make it 1990. But in the television series which this movie follows, Connor and Duncan fight together in the series premiere. That was in 1992.

Correction: There was no indication that the movie took place in the year 2000. And besides, the producers keep changing the timeline for Highlander.

Corrected entry: In the final battle between Duncan and Kell, they begin in a long hallway on what appears to be, but is not definitely, the ground floor. They repeatedly knock one another over edges and down steps. At one point they are fighting amongst pipes in what might be a sewer. Yet in the final battle scene, even though they have continually fallen down, they are on top of a building on a steel framework, and they are definitely higher than a great number of surrounding buildings.

Correction: There is a break in the fighting between after they fall all the way down, until the final battle scene. They could have easily just climbed up to the platform where they fought.

Corrected entry: When Kell destroys the Sanctuary and kills all the immortals there, nothing out of the ordinary happens, besides the usual quickenings. Later Methos tells us that the Sanctuary was built on Holy Ground, where immortals can never fight. So Kell broke one of the fundamental rules, with no consequences.

Correction: First of all, the line identifying it as Holy Ground was removed from all video releases, probably because of people noticing that. Second of all, one could argue that, since it was actually Watchers running the Sanctuary, there wasn't anything holy about it anymore, so Kell wouldn't have any problem killing there.

Continuity mistake: In the part of the movie where Duncan MacLeod is on his way to Connor's old store, he is shown first riding in a 1998 or newer Ford Crown Victoria taxi. When he is shown getting out, he is exiting a 1992 to 1995 Ford Taurus taxi.

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Trivia: The character of Manny, one of Kell's posse, is played by Vernon Rieta, who has been Adrian Paul's Hung Gar Kung Fu teacher for years.

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Question: I saw various scenes in the preview of the movie that do not appear in the film itself. Some include Kell being cut in half, and then both halves regenerating into two different Kells. Another was Kell blowing on some floating globe that explodes with the image of his face. This made "Endgame" look like the third film where the villain was the illusionist Kane, but when I saw the movie, these scenes were taken out and the villain had no such powers. What happened to these scenes? What were they about? And are they available anywhere in any earlier cuts of the film? I could not find them in the early cut feature on the DVD...

Answer: The scenes you mention were only meant to be part of the trailer. This was to show that Jacob Kell was the "most powerful" immortal yet. The 'cut in half' scene is playing on the idea that Kell is unbeatable. I suggest rewatching the trailer with these ideas in mind. It may make more sense. These scenes were what Dimension Films wasted a hefty portion of the promotional and marketing budgets on. There was NEVER any script written that included them, nor any version of the film that ever included them.

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