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Corrected entry: In the last gun shootout Billy "trips" and takes a bullet in the shoulder for Robert, in the following scene you see Billy talking to Robert and Billy is not wearing a cast or a sign of any injury.

Correction: This scene is sometime later, so we can assume he has healed just fine. He may have the wound dressed still, but he is wearing clothing over it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Billy Crystal's fiancee is describing what happened to the wedding ceremony in Miami, she describes the scene and claims that Billy Crystal's parents were there. However, they had said in an earlier scene that they wouldn't be able to come and were never seen at the ceremony.

Correction: After such a traumatizing event, one could easilly add details or things that weren't really there or didn't happen from stress.

Corrected entry: In the big shootout in the car park at the end, the huge machine gun riddles Primo's car with bullets while he's inside. The windscreen is unrecognisable and the bonnet is covered with holes, yet Primo is dragged out of the car, alive, by the FBI later. How did he survive?

Correction: He ducked low, gaining cover under the dashboard, with the bullets flying through the windsheild, over the top of his head. Perhaps the car doors were armoured from inside, giving extra protection from the sides.

Corrected entry: The scene on the beach (just after the first wedding in Miami Beach) where Robert de Niro is walking with his shrink. The shrink is walking on the left hand side of de Niro, but when the shrink is later on confronted with this by the FBI you see a picture where the shrink is walking on the right hand side of de Niro.

Correction: The 'shrink' is always on De Niro's left.

Corrected entry: In the Godfather dream, after Billy Crystal gets shot it shows a camera angle from up top and you see Robert De Niro running and then he stops. Then it cuts and he is running again.

Correction: This is a mistake but an intentional one. In the audio commentary by Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro on the DVD Billy Crystal explains that this scene is a shot for shot copy of a scene in the Godfather. This includes this mistake.

Other mistake: When the sex scene with Robert De Niro and his lover is over, you can see that he is wearing underwear.

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Ben Sobel: My name is Ben Sobel...leone. Ben Sobelleone. I'm also known as Benny the Groin, Sammy the Schnauz, Elmer the Fudd, Tubby the Tuba, and once... Once as Miss Phyllis Levine.

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