World Trade Center

Corrected entry: After the north tower has collapsed Pezzulo is fatally injured and decides to kill himself by shooting himself in the head, however when he pulls the trigger the gun is pointed in the air and not towards his head. (00:33:40)


Correction: Officer Pezzulo fired a single shot from his Smith and Wesson 5946 9mm service weapon in an attempt to alert any nearby rescuers to the group's position beneath the rubble but died of his injuries shortly thereafter. Pezzulo's last words were: "Willie, don't forget. I died trying to save you guys."

Correction: He was firing the shots to try and get attention from recue workers so the other two could make it out.

Correction: No, he was firing his gun to get help or getting people's attention, he fired two shots.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film when Nic Cage takes the firefighters into WTC 1 after a couple of minutes have gone by, Nic Cage is told to evacuate the building from his radio, he radios back saying "is there something happening with tower 2?". Just after he says this the building he is in collapses. This is a factual error, we all know that it is building 2 or the south tower that collapses first, not building 1 or the north tower.


Correction: Cage and crew are not in Tower One. They are on the concourse, beneath and between the two towers, headed toward One as firemen are heading from One to Two. They discuss that only one plane has hit, not two (which is some of the bad info that was going around at the time). They also know about the Pentagon attack (9:37am), so it's well after that. Cage asks the firemen if something is happening at Two because he's unaware of the second plane crash. Then, Two collapses (9:59am) and the falling materials come straight down, then move outward all around at ground level and below, in the concourse. Note the debris is flying sideways before some collapsing of the concourse occurs. It's that collapse that traps them in the concourse, not under One. About 7 minutes later in the film (29 minutes real time), Tower One falls, and they are again battered by debris while trapped. No mistake.

Corrected entry: The end of the movie takes place two years after 9/11 but when shown Cage's children appear not to have aged.

Correction: Many people at that age can appear to look almost the same for a period of a couple years, and as you stated, we know it is two years later, so no movie mistake is made.


Corrected entry: There isn't any chairs/tables which would indicate that the area used to be an office building. Even if there was fire, most of the equipment and such would still survive, albeit broken.

Correction: Most of the chairs, tables, etc were buried by rubble when the buildings came down. Take a look at bombed buildings in a war, most of what is seen is rubble and twisted metal, not household effects, and rarely furniture. What may be seen is also often so badly damaged as to be unrecognizable, especially when covered by tons of dust.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie when the nurse says "you have to wait with the other families" and the camera cuts to the room where the other families are, you can see a Sierra Mist can. But Sierra Mist wasn't made until a few years after 2001.

Correction: PepsiCo introduced Sierra Mist in 2000.

Corrected entry: When one of the wives is in the drug store she says: "I'm here in CVS." But Eckerd's Drugs was changed to CVS in 2004, so the line should be "I'm here in Eckerd's".

Correction: No idea where you live, but there have been CVSs in NY since long before 2001.

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