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Adventure: Remember, mate, not all sharks are in the water.

Fantasy: Dr. Jekyll? Dr. J?
Mr. Hyde: My name... is MR hyde.

Horror: We are lusty, adventurous men.

Telephone Operator: Due to the storm, all lines have been temporarily disconnected. Please try your call again later.

Alan Tyler: He's afraid of tuna-fish sandwiches.
Claire Tyler: Mercury levels in the tuna-fish sandwiches.

Richard Tyler: Do I click my heels or something?
Fantasy: You're in the wrong story, honey.

Dr. Jekyll: My boy, I derive no pleasure in telling you that you are in extreme danger.
Richard Tyler: Danger?
Dr. Jekyll: Even as we speak.

Jamaican Pirate: One gold piece! This is your treasure, is it. Let's kill him and eat his parrot.

Tom Morgan: Give the word, Captain Silver, and I'll show you the color of his insides.
Richard Tyler: Red, red, they're red.
Long John Silver: Stow your cutlass, Tom, I want a better look at his outsides first.

Horror: Sixteen men on a dead man's stomach.
Fantasy: No, no! Chest! Chest.

Richard Tyler: Fantasy.
Fantasy: Naturally. Who were you expecting, honey? The Tooth Fairy?

Fantasy: What do you mean grabbing a person by the pantyhose like that? Now I've got to straighten out my Little Mermaid underwear.

Audio problem: About halfway through the movie, Richard and Fantasy reunite on the island. Richard says, "Fantasy." and Fantasy responds with, "Well, what were you expecting honey? The tooth fairy?" When she says "the tooth fairy" her lips are saying something completely different (and it's even worse, since it's a close-up of her face).

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Answer: It's hard to say for sure but I think it was just a dream to help him to overcome his fears.

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