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High Anxiety (1977)

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Corrected entry: When Dr. Richard Thorndike sees his former professor Dr Lilloman right after first arriving at the institute, Dr Lilloman quizzes him by asking, "a patient comes into your office suffering from Belldon's Hysteria, and he has a seizure right in your office, what do you give him?" Dr Thorndike responds "2 cc's of aqueous Thorazine coupled with Somadiozine". There is no such thing as Belldon's Hysteria, and there is such a thing as Thorazine but it is used for bipolar depression but there is no AQUEOUS Thorazine. There is also no such drug as Somadiozine.


Correction: Of course there are no such drugs - the movie is a comedy written and directed by a comedian that spoofs Alfred Hitchcock films as well as the psychiatric industry.


Corrected entry: When going up in the elevator in the big hotel, the bellman makes a big deal about how the seventeenth floor is the top floor in the hotel. But when he presses the button to go up to the seventeenth floor, you can clearly see more numbers down below that you can push to go to a higher floor. Also, when he gets out of the elevator, there are arrows pointing up and down. Why would there be an arrow pointing up if they are on the highest floor?

Correction: When the bellboy was telling Dr. Thorndyke and Brophy that the 17th floor was the top floor, he could very well have meant that it was the top floor for ROOMS. The upper floors could have been convention floors.

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