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Corrected entry: There is a scene with Henry's ragtag army crossing a river in pouring rain. Look closely at the water in the background - it's only raining on the near side of the river. The rain stops about halfway across.

Correction: Although it's likely a rain machine sending sheets of water cascading down "on the near side of the river," there is nothing revealing it to be rain from a machine. More to the point, it is entirely realistic to actually see it raining in a specific area, but dry just past that area.

Super Grover Premium member

Other mistake: During the Battle of Agincourt, the same shots of soldiers being killed are used several times. Most noticeably there is one poor French soldier who dies from an arrow in his back at least twice.

David Mercier

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Question: Throughout the film, why do people refer to Henry as Harry?

Answer: Harry is a nickname for those with the given name of Henry, and has been for centuries. Today's Prince Harry, for example, is actually named Henry but is called by this nickname.

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