Madea's Family Reunion

Madea's Family Reunion (2006)

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Continuity mistake: When Madea is in the car coming back from court, Nikki smarts off at her and Madea turns around to hit on her. While this is going on, you hear brakes squealing and the driver is moving the wheel like the car is out of control. Yet, the background never changes, stays level throughout this scene.

Bonita Kilpatrick

Revealing mistake: In the scene at Frankie's house, Vanessa panics when she awakens and realizes Frankie and the children are away. When they re-enter, Frankie is heard telling the children that the carton he is carrying is "ice cream for Mommy." Frankie asks to speak with Vanessa in another room and sets the carton on a table. The sound of the connection makes it obvious the carton is completely empty.

Other mistake: Frankie tells Vanessa that he brings his son to the park on Saturdays and would like to meet her there. It shows in another scene from that day that Nikki, the foster child, had been in school that day so it couldn't have been a weekend day.

Continuity mistake: When the stripper shows up, the lady has the remote control to the stereo in her right hand. When she stands up, the remote is in her left hand.

Bonita Kilpatrick

Other mistake: Vanessa has a son and daughter and Frankie has a son. When the kids are walking down the aisle it's two girls and one boy.

Vanessa: You are going to rot in hell.
Victoria: I vacation there.

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