Hellraiser (1987)

Ending / spoiler

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Kirsty makes a deal with the Cennobites. She will give them her uncle Frank, who escaped from Hell, and she will be spared. Kirsty goes home and finds a body in the attic, believing it to be Frank. What she doesn't know is that her father is dead and Frank is wearing his skin. When she figures this out, she tries to run but is grabbed by Julia. Frank tries to stab her, but she moves at the last minute and he stabs Julia instead. Kirsty runs to the attic, with Frank hot on her heels. He catches up to her just as she enters the attic, where the Cennobites take him back to hell. Kirsty tries to leave, but now they want her! She uses the box to send them back to hell just as Steve arrives. Together, they flee the house and go to a dump site where they throw the box into a fire thats burning. They stare into the flames, thinking that it's all over, when a vagrant walks upto the fire and grabs the box. He then turns into dragon and flies away. The last scene of the movie is the box being sold at an indian market place, the same one Pinhead bought it from when he was human.


Visible crew/equipment: When Ashley is running down the corridors before escaping back into her medical room, you can see the dolly that The Engineer chasing her is being pushed on. (01:04:50)

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Pinhead: We'll tear your soul apart!

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Trivia: Pinhead is not named in this movie, and is simply credited as lead Cenobite.

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Question: At the beginning of the film Frank was using the puzzle box, why did the cenobites arrange his face on the floor?

Answer: Letting the moviegoers know what happened to him, he was no longer human, but a piece of meat to be butchered.

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