The Wind and the Lion

The Wind and the Lion (1975)


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Raisuli: I will see you again, Mrs Pedicaris, when we are both like golden clouds on the wind.

Theodore Roosevelt: Gentlemen, nothing in this world is certain - absolutely nothing. The fate of the nation will be decided by the American people in November, and the fate of Morocco will be decided tomorrow by me. And now, if you don't mind, I'd just like to be alone with my bear.

Theodore Roosevelt: What do I want? I want respect! Respect for human life and respect for American property! And I'm going to send the Atlantic Squadron to Morocco to get that respect.
John Hay: That's illegal.
Theodore Roosevelt: Why spoil the beauty of the thing with legality?

Eden: Why would anyone want to cut out a man's tongue?
Raisuli: Perhaps the previous owner had nothing pleasant to say.

Raisuli: This is the Rif. I am Mulay Ahmed Mohammed Raisuli the magnificent, sherif of the Riffian Berbers. I am the true defender of the faithful and the blood of the Prophet runs in me and I am but a servant of His will. You have nothing to say?
Eden: It has never been my intention to encourage braggarts.
Raisuli: Your shell is strong like a turtle's, but it is brittle.
Eden: Your tongue is clever and fast. Be careful you do not trip over it.
Raisuli: You are a great deal of trouble.

Raisuli: To Theodore Roosevelt - you are like the Wind and I like the Lion. You form the Tempest. The sand stings my eyes and the Ground is parched. I roar in defiance but you do not hear. But between us there is a difference. I, like the lion, must remain in my place. While you like the wind will never know yours. - Mulay Hamid El Raisuli, Lord of the Riff, Sultan to the Berbers, Last of the Barbary Pirates.

Eden: And this is your way? Abducting women and children?
Raisuli: I prefer to fight the European armies, but they do not fight as men - they fight as dogs! Men prefer to fight with swords, so they can see each other's eyes! Sometimes, this is not possible. Then, they fight with rifles. The Europeans have guns that fire many times promiscuously and rend the Earth. There is no honor in this - nothing is decided from this. Therefore, I take women and children when it pleases me.

John Hay: Theodore! You are dangerous. You might even shoot somebody - accidentally I mean.
Theodore Roosevelt: John, I'd never shoot anyone accidentally. I need their votes.
John Hay: Madness.

Eden: Do you pray often?
Raisuli: I pray to Mecca five times a day.
Eden: Is that so? I wonder how you find time, when you are so busy cutting off men's heads and kidnapping women and children.
Raisuli: If I miss the morning prayer, I pray twice in the afternoon. Allah is very understanding.

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