Secuestro express

During the course of one night the gang experience crimes occuring to them when the are held up by a hold-up man loitering by a cash machine (who they blow away) and have their car stolen. Martin is exposed at being by-sexual too his fiancee and then leaves her to the mercy of the gang, only to be picked up by a taxi driver who turns out to be an accomplice of the carjackers. Bundled into the boot, one of them, Niga Sibilino plays Venezuelan roulette with Martin as Nigra says "I spin the chamber but you're the only player. If we don't have a winner, we play again. And so it goes until there's a winner. Which is you." Martin's reward is a single bullet in the skull. Carla his fiancee's father meanwhile only pays the group a third of what they wanted since he was told they'd ask for more. Carla is dropped off and set free only to be picked up by a pair of lecherous cops who plan on raping her prior to the gang coming back and shooting both dead. Carla is seen on the highway talking to her old man, while on the radio someone says "When half the city is starving and the other half's obese there's only two things you can do. Either fight the monster, or invite him over to dinner."

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