Continuity mistake: When Natasha is shot by the robot, the shot travels right through her, like a normal bullet would. Yet in every other scene when the robots use their pulse cannons, including when Rasheed dies, the shot always causes an explosion. With Natasha, no explosion was seen or heard.


A.P.E.X. mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the sterilisation unit finds Nicholas in the desert, when he stands up and the robot is looking at him, there is a lot of debris around him. When he says 'cease operation' the debris disappears. The rock face behind him changes position as well.



Continuity mistake: When Gunney fires the large cannon at the first sterilisation unit, from the frontal view it is obvious that the explosion has fallen well short of the robot. Yet from the side, it appears to have been a direct hit.



Continuity mistake: When the first sterilisation unit is hunting for prey in the desert, it fires a few shells towards the destroyed caravan. Yet we never hear explosions or see any fireballs in the next shot. It also appears that the robot was firing at nothing.



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