Two Hands

Two Hands (1999)

Ending / spoiler

Jimmy (Ledger) manages to retreive the ten grand by robbing a bank with his bank robber friends. One of the robbers gets shot by the police during the getaway. As Jimmy visits Pando (Brown) to give him the money, he hides the loot in his underwear, so when he reaches for it, the gangsters think he is reaching for a gun, so they tackle and hold him to the ground. After a struggle, he gets the money out and gives it to Pando. Pando is so surprised and happy that he offers Jimmy another job. Filled with anger, Jimmy pulls a gun hidden in his pants and puts it to Pando's head. He cries and then leaves. As he leaves, the girl who was friend to the kid who got run over, takes revenge. She shoots all the gangsters dead including Pando and takes the money she stole earlier back. Acko (Field) attempts to shoot back but uses the gun filled with the filthy bullets. Jimmy then leaves with Alex.

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