The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Corrected entry: In the first race against the red viper, Sean's car is a manual, as we see him use a clutch to change into first gear. But throughout the race we see him moving an automatic transmission gear stick straight up and down to change gear.

Correction: The shifter in Sean's car is a Hurst Ram-Rod, which has an inline shifter for manual transmissions.

Corrected entry: When Han does donuts around the skyline with the pretty girls, he makes a dark circle of tire marks. After Han gets their number, the skid marks disappear as they drive away.

Correction: I just watched it - the ring of black awesomeness remains.

Corrected entry: The guys put a Nissan engine in a Shelby body but when they drive the car around, it sounds like an original Shelby.


Correction: The car does not sound anything like an original Shelby. The Shelby has a v8 engine. The Nissan is a straight six. You can hear that it's an RB26 motor. That is a Nissan Skyline engine.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sean is passing computer notes to Nila in class, Nila's screen is full of Japanese characters but her keyboard is in English. Sean's screen shows the same Japanese characters. In the short time that Sean has been in Japan, he'd be hard pressed to understand what's going on with the language itself, let alone the actual writing.

Correction: It's an immersion class, in which the Japanese characters *would* be the only thing on the screen. Much like English immersion classes, where there is no reference to Japanese characters or speech. And, yes, he would be hard pressed to understand what's going on, as evidenced by his confusion over his shoes vs slippers in class. That's the whole purpose of immersion classes.

Corrected entry: In the main characters first race against DK, when DK is just drifting into the up ramp in the carpark, his car jumps two-three metres forwards, indicating where the driver has wiped out and they spliced in another scene. (00:30:00)

Correction: At no point does the car jump 3 meters. It's just different angles.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene when Sean and DK are racing down the mountain, you see the boost gauge in the Shelby spike. This is not possible, as the Turbo Nissan engine would be fitted with boost regulators such as wastegates and blow-off valves to prevent engine damage.

Correction: Almost all turbos have wastegates, even so, it is possible to see a spike in a boost gauge as it hits top boost. All the turbo vehicles I've driven have had wastegates, and all of them I have been able to send the needle into the overboost part of the gauge momentarily under heavy acceleration.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Han dies, you can see tyre marks on the ground where the stunt crew has been practising (particularly the part where Sean drifts through the crowded square). These marks wouldn't normally be there, as cars don't generally drift through a crowded city centre.

Correction: Tokyo is full of street racers and tuned cars. Why wouldn't people ever drift around these great drifting corners? Just because the city center is crowed during the day doesn't mean that there were never night races. Another plausibility is that the marks weren't even left by racers. It could have just been someone trying to beat the light, or breaking hard. It's not uncommon for a city as big as Tokyo to have tire marks on the roads.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: Neela said that she was born in Australia, and raised in Japan after her parents died. Despite this, she still speaks with an Australian accent.

Correction: She doesn't indicate how old she was before she came to Japan. My ex wife spoke with a heavy Russian accent years after moving to Canada, my boss has been in Canada over 25 years, and still has a heavy Swiss accent. People don't always, in fact rarely, pick up the accent of a country they move to, instead they usually have the accent they first develop throughout their life.

Corrected entry: The guy sitting a couple of seats in front of the Sean (on the right side of the cute girl) on the plane to Japan is the same guy that opens the gate for Twinkie and Sean on their way to the garage where the races take place.

Correction: The two scenes take place a day apart. The guy on the plane could very well be the same guy who opens the gate.

Corrected entry: In nearly all the race scenes as well as the Tokyo chase scene, you can see the skid marks on the road from previous takes.

Correction: This movie is about street racers. Those turns have been taken many, many, times before by many many many other racers. I'm pretty sure that these cars weren't the first ones to ever race the streets of Tokyo, the skid marks were left by previous racers that were not seen in the movie.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: In the scene where Twinkie is showing Sean his hulk car, when the garage opens, the first vehicle you see is a car, then the shot shows Sean and Twinkie. When it cuts back to the garage, you can see the car has changed into a bike.

Correction: The cars and bikes are on a rotating elevator, when they first show the car the elevator begins to rotate so when the scene switches to Twinkie and Sean and back that is why you now see a bike.

Corrected entry: Keiko Kitagawa who plays Reiko may be better known to japanese fans as "Rei" from the live action show "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon".

Correction: As stated in the rules, pointing out what other movies or TV shows a paticular actress has been in is not valid trivia.


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