Aquamarine (2006)

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Corrected entry: Throughout the entire film, Aquamarine's blue streaks change from being very light to much more pronounced.

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Correction: The aquamarine streaks got more pronounced because she got them done again with Haley and Claire at the hair salon in the mall.

Corrected entry: After Claire falls into the pool, Raymond dives into the pool to rescue her. When Raymond rescues her, Claire is wearing flip-flops on her feet, but when Raymond brings her out of the pool, her flip-flops have suddenly disappeared.

Correction: Her flip flops disappeared because they came off in the water.

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Cecilia and Raymond are on the end of the dock and Raymond turns around and runs. Cecilia then says her line, turns around and runs. In the next shot the two girls are running towards the end of the dock. You can see Raymond running towards them but Cecilia is gone. She should be in the scene running the same way.



Throughout the movie, Aquamarine is always eating salt and putting salt in strange things like ice cream. To film these scenes, they had the actress, Sara Paxton, eat sugar instead.