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Corrected entry: In the scene where Francesco Pazzi calls the Credit Suisse bank in Switzerland he uses an impossible number: 004122xxx instead of 0041800xxxxxx which would be a toll free Swiss number. (00:48:57)

Correction: Probably done intentionally to avoid crank calls, much in the way they use 555 for American numbers.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: In the scene where Clarice has to give up her gun and badge before she goes home, her earrings change from studs to hoops.

Correction: She has changed from her work clothes before heading up to her lake house. It is not out of the question that she would have changed earrings as well.


Corrected entry: In the scene that shows Clarice coming into her home with a box, there is a hat on the stairpost, after she shoves the box under the bench the hat is gone.

Correction: That hat is always there. You can see a tiny bit of it on the far right of the screen after she shoves the box under the bench.


Corrected entry: At the payphone, Pazzi writes down a phone number on the back of his hand. After listening to the message about the fingerprint, he turns and walks directly to Hannibal's place. When he waves at the camera, the back of his hand is perfectly clean. He never had an opportunity to wash it off.

Correction: Pen ink easily comes off with a little spit and some rubbing. Pazzi could have easily done this on the way over to Hannibal's place to avoid raising his suspicion - it's likely Hannibal would keep track of numbers relating to his capture.


Corrected entry: During the initial FBI operation, you'd think that if Clarice didn't want to blow the agents' cover she'd have worn a hairstyle that would have concealed the otherwise very obvious earpiece from her radio.

Correction: Her earpiece is very small and skin colored. And is very hard to detect unless if you are right next to her. She doesn't need to disguise it further.


Corrected entry: Right before the final scene with Dr Lecter on the aeroplane, it shows an outside shot of the aeroplane. However, it is light outside the aeroplane (at the very least, sunset) and when it cuts to the interior of the plane, with Lecter and the boy, it's dark... All the interior lights are on.

Correction: The film is not shot in real time. The outside shot is just there to let the audience establish that Lecter is on a plane.


Corrected entry: Inspector Pazzi has to enter a user name and password to view the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. The list is freely viewable by the public and no information has to be given.

Correction: He's logging in to a private area with more detailed info.

Corrected entry: In the end when the police are rushing to Verger's Estate to save Clarice, we see a shot of a ton of police cars along with helicopter heading toward the estate. If the police were really in a hurry, why is the helicopter following the slower police cars? The helicopter could have gone ahead and landed at the estate a hell of a lot faster (probably in time to catch Lecter).

Correction: Police helicopters do not land when they are dispatched on a pursuit assignment. They are only meant to survey/gather intelligence for ground units. There would have been no point in flying ahead of the police cars at the end other than to give early warning to the fugitive that the police were coming; ultimately allowing him to escape faster.

Corrected entry: The FBI agent recieves a message from Dr. Hannibal Lecter, which has 2 folds in it. While the agent is reading the letter, it shows Lecter in Paris, when he was writing the letter. Before he puts the letter into the envelope, it shows him fold the letter only once, but when the FBI agent opens the seal and takes it out, the letter has 2 folds in it.

Correction: When we see Hannibal fold the letter, there's already one fold in it, making it look like he's folding it in half, when in fact he's just finishing the tri-fold.

Corrected entry: When Clarice is first in Barney's apartment, the fan in his window is spinning. But later during their conversation, Barney gets up and walks to the window to turn on the fan.

Correction: It's only turning slowly because it's being blown by the wind.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, Hannibal says "This is gonna hurt" and proceeds to cut off his hand. He cuts it off because he and Clarice are handcuffed together. He then makes his escape. In the immediate scene following, with Clarice by the water, she should still have the handcuffs on but does not.

Correction: Clarice knows exactly where the key for the cuffs is - she just doesn't tell Hannibal. Therefore when he escapes, all she has to do is retrieve the key from wherever she hid it and unlock herself - it would take seconds.

Corrected entry: In the climax scene Hannibal puts Clarice's hair in the fridge and rips the handle off so she can't escape, but the scene right after when the police come we see her outside, with her hair fully intact. How did she get out of the fridge?

Correction: It would be perfectly possible, by pulling very slowly

Continuity mistake: When Clarice is opening the letter written to her by Hannibal, it is sealed with wax, and not glued down in any way. While she's reading it, Hannibal is shown licking an envelope. (00:32:05)

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Hannibal Lecter: On a related note I must confess to you, I'm giving very serious thought... to eating your wife.

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Trivia: At the end of the opening credits, just after "Screenplay by David Mamet" and before "directed by Ridley Scott", look at the right hand side of the screen - you can see Hannibal's face drawn by pigeons. (00:04:25)

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