Hanging Up

Hanging Up (2000)

3 mistakes

Factual error: When Meg Ryan goes to visit her mother in Big Bear Lake, the mountain is on her left hand side. If you drive from Los Angelos to Big Bear the mountain is on your right hand side, therefore she was driving down the mountain instead of going up it.

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Continuity mistake: A distant shot shows them driving across a bridge. They are driving in the wrong lanes - the film must have been reversed.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Meg Ryan goes to the hospital to see her dad and she brings Chinese food she also brings a bunch of roses. When she first comes in the room there is no vase on the bed table when she puts everything down. It cuts away to her dad and then back to her, the vase is now just there and she takes the flowers out and puts the new ones in. The scene keeps cutting between her and her dad and it looks as if she puts the flowers in the vase 3 or 4 times. Also when it goes to a long shot again the old flowers are gone off the table.

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