Hang 'Em High

Hang 'Em High (1968)

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Corrected entry: 6 men were to be hanged. The hangman only pulled 4 trap rings.

Correction: When they hang the 6 there are 2 hangmen. Both pull rings at the same time.

Corrected entry: After Clint Eastwood is cut down from the tree by the Marshall and put in the jail wagon, his right eye is black and blue and swollen shut. An hour later when they pull into town the eye is completely healed.

Correction: Some of the Marshals journeys lasted many weeks. Half way through the film Clint meets another Marshal on his way out of the court house and he says something along the lines of "see you in 7 or 8 weeks, give or take a month". It would be reasonable to accept that Clint was in the wagon for a few weeks. It just wasn't shown.

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Judge Adam Fenton: Nineteen marshals and one court to commandeer 70,000 square miles. A happy hunting ground filled with bushwackers, horse thieves, whiskey peddlers, counterfeiters, hide peelers, marauders - they'd kill you for a hat band. Now that's why there's a badge in my desk, Cooper, itching to sit on somebody's chest... and no takers.



While Clint Eastwood is walking into a saloon (or maybe a jail) you can see the cameraman and director's shadow on the ground.