See No Evil

See No Evil (2006)

Ending / spoiler

It ends up that the woman restoring the hotel is Kane's mum. He kills her as he doesn't want to kill Kira. Tye is killed by the taser. Michael comes back to save them and Kane's char is killed. They all leave the hotel together. Kane aka the killer mom tries to get Kira out but she gets killed. Everyone else in the hotel leaves safely.




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In the scene where the guy and the girl are making out on the bed, they trigger a bell to ring in Kane's lair. The bell shown ringing is a large bell on the far left top row of two rows of bells. When he walks into the room to see which bell is ringing, the bell ringing is a small bell in the middle of the bottom row and the large bell isn't moving at all. Later in the movie, that same large bell is triggered when the kids are walking down the hall and hit a trip wire, and it makes a completely different sound than the first time.