Take the Lead

Take the Lead (2006)


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Caitlin: I'd kill to dance like that. It's like sex on hardwood.

Pierre Dulaine: I understand six languages and I speak five - all with a Spanish accent.

Pierre Dulaine: Do you love to dance?
Caitlin: Yeah.
Pierre Dulaine: Then you're meant to dance.

Principal: For these kids life is a fight to stay alive, and a hustle to make ends meet.

Caitlin: Mr.Dulaine? Morgan says the kids you teach up town are a bunch of no-talent losers.
Pierre Dulaine: You cannot always believe what Morgan says.
Caitlin: I would really like to join them.

Kurd: Check this out.

Rock: No one does somethin' for nothin'.

Eddie: Check Mr Dulaine! He's just gettin' his flirt on.

Pierre Dulaine: Thank you.
LaRhette: Uh-huh.
Pierre Dulaine: I believe the appropiate response is "you're welcome"
LaRhette: Uh-huh.

Ramos: Dance to this.

Ramos: I'm so fly I can make anyone look good.

Principal Augustine James: You know who did that to my car, don't you?
Pierre Dulaine: He may have been black, or hispanic.
Principal Augustine James: ...Let me know if you remember.

Ramos: What? ┬┐Tu no sabes? I can shake it.
Pierre Dulaine: Then I suggest you shake it with the partner that I assigned you.

Pierre Dulaine: I want to teach your kids to dance.
Principal Augustine James: If theres' one thing they can do, it's dance.
Pierre Dulaine: Ballroom dance? Waltz, the foxtrot?
Principal Augustine James: Ok, where's the camera? Because if you're saying that you want to teach my kids the foxtrot I have to be on TV.

Pierre Dulaine: What if I said these dances would make you look cool?
Rock: I'd say you're full of shit.

LaRhette: You think you one of us now?
Caitlin: No.

Kurd: Why you gotta be such a ballroom weirdo?

Rock: Doctor's note. I can't dance, I have a heart condition.
Pierre Dulaine: Interesting man, your doctor. Not many doctors write notes on three-hole paper.

Morgan: I've never seen anyone move like that before.
Sasha: I'm sure.

Kurd: We don't need any more white bread tourists seeing how the other half lives. We don't.
Caitlin: White bread? Excuse me, do you own a mirror?

Continuity mistake: When Rock is meeting the crooks to receive/pass stolen goods, the van's backdoor opens and guys jump out. A few seconds later, the van door opens again and the same guys jump out.

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