Louis Simo uncovers four conclusions to George Reeves gunshot death; It was self-inflicted!It was manslaughter due to his younger fiancee Leonore Lemmon! It was a crime of passion thanks to his jealous ec Toni. Toni's pissed off husband (and closet bigot), MGM studio executive Eddie Mannix found out about the infidelity so had a studio hitman pay a final visit to George's home. Due to the overlooked bruises found on George along with the bullet holes in the room containing the deceased, this explanation seems most likely. However despite these facts...it's still only circumstantial...leaving thisa tale open ended!


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Louis Simo: Lady, I can nail you with this.
Leonore Lemmon: D'Artagnan, you couldn't nail me with roses and a trip to Vegas.

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Trivia: Although Adrian Brody was officially the star of "Hollywoodland," his character (private detective Louis Simo) was a completely fictional role in the movie. Virtually all of the other characters in the film are based on real people, but there never was a Louis Simo, and he's not based on any actual person (s). George Reeves' mother did hire an attorney and a detective agency in real life; however, "Hollywoodland" director Allen Coulter said that the character of Louis Simo wasn't even partially based on anyone in real life.

Charles Austin Miller

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Question: I was wondering whether the evidence that Adrian Brody gathered was true, or if it's artistic license. It seems that if it were true, there should have been a further inquiry into George Reeve's death.

Answer: Here is a good link that will help separate fact from fiction. http://www.crimelibrary.com/notorious_murders/celebrity/george_reeves/1_index.html.


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