The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

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Buckaroo Banzai and John Parker follow Lord Whorfin's ship as he's getting away and they blast him out of the sky before he can get to the Eighth Dimension to free his comrades. With Lord Whorfin annihilated, the aliens from Planet 10 cancel their destruction of Earth and Buckaroo alerts the President to not attack Russia (which is one of the places the aliens from Planet 10 were going to destroy if Lord Whorfin's plan had succeeded). Buckaroo then kisses Penny (who was killed by one of Whorfin's henchmen) and she revives because of that electric touch he got from the alien phone call.

John Murdoch

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At the beginning, Buckaroo tests his oscillation overthruster. Sitting in his test vehicle he's wearing a wrap-around mirrored visor that reflects a full panorama of the desert area in front of him. There is a thick black divider running down the center of the windshield that is missing from the reflection. Also, since it is a panorama seen on the visor, the edges of the front windshield should be reflected on the sides.