America's Sweethearts

Revealing mistake: In the movie when they are setting up the new junket hotel for reporters, it's stated there is a brand new Hyatt in the desert that is just opening. However, when it's shown for the very first time, the white line and word "stop" written on the pavement are faded, indicating they've been there a while.

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Revealing mistake: During the limo ride to the hotel, the gearshift of John Cusack's limo can be seen in the park position every time they show his driver, even before they pull over to decide who will arrive first.

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When they are driving to the hotel both the limos have tinted glass, but when they arrive at the hotel John Cusack's limo no longer has tinted glass - we clearly see him inside the car, although the camera's outside.



In Serendipity, John Cusack says his favorite movie is Cool Hand Luke. In America's Sweethearts, the news reporters are saying they are looking at a remake of Cool Hand Luke. In an interview on TV, Cusack says one of his favorite movies is Cool Hand Luke.