Green Berets

Green Berets (1968)

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Directed by: John Wayne, Ray Kellogg

Starring: Aldo Ray, David Janssen, Jim Hutton

Genres: Action, Drama, War

Corrected entry: The kid that Peterson takes under his wing calls him "Peter San." That's Japanese, not Vietnamese.

Correction: Hamchunk was not calling him "peter-san", he was calling him by his name Peterson.

Corrected entry: When Sgt. Peterson scrounges a .50 caliber M2 heavy machine gun, we see it set up in a sand-bagged emplacement. However, the linked belt of .50 caliber rounds is shown hanging down the right side of the weapon. The M2 feeds rounds in from the left and ejects empty cases and links out to the right.

Correction: The Browning M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun Ejects from the Bottom and can be set to feed from either the left or the right. Because most soldiers are right handed they are normally feed from the Left hand side as the Charging Handle will be on the right side. (Source Wikipedia)

Corrected entry: In the scene where John Wayne smashes his dead soldier's M16 into a tree, he does the impossible. The M16 buttstock is made of a high quality plastic fiber and is impossible to smash in such a manner.

Correction: Wanna bet? The early Armalite rifles' buttstocks could be broken by the weight of a knee at the wrong spot. Guess how I know this?

Corrected entry: Having finished the kidnap mission, Peterson volunteers to take the point. But just before he triggers the trap we see him walking with his gear casually slung over his shoulder. The lead scout's job is to scan the area for such things.

Correction: If you look closely, Muldoon is on point & Peterson is walking off to the side & behind Muldoon.

Corrected entry: Paratroopers attach a 'static line' to a cable inside the aircraft before jumping from the aircraft. This releases the parachute from a deployment bag strapped to the parachutist's back. During the movie scene where John Wayne and his soldiers parachute into enemy territory, John Wayne's static line is draped over his shoulder.

Correction: Just before John Wayne steps in line on the ramp behind Peterson, he reaches off to his left and hooks up his static line.

Factual error: The final scene of the movie has Col. Kirby and the little Vietnamese boy supposedly on the beach at Da Nang, Vietnam. Kirby is saying, "The future of 'nam is you, kid", and the camera pans out to the sea and the sun is going down. The sun's sinking in the east...

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Suggested correction: Nowhere in the film are we told where in Vietnam the Green Beret base is, just that it is in South Vietnam (of course). South Vietnam has a Western coast, along the Gulf of Thailand, along which anyone can watch the sun set over the sea.

Around the 18:00 - 18:30 mark a character welcomes John Wayne to Da Nang. This base is returned to throughout the film, including the infamous sun setting in the east scene. Da Nang's beaches face to the Northeast. Only when you get south of Nha Trang does the Vietnamese coast begin to offer a south to southwest horizon on the ocean.

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Trivia: David Jassen's nickname around the set was "Klutzy." He couldn't walk three feet without falling over something.


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