Silent Hill

Rose, after reaching the basement in the hospital, finds out that the 'demon' is actually a manifestation of the dark side of Alessa's soul. Before the town was abandoned, the people seen earlier in the church were a cult-like group of religious fanatics that burned people they considered to be witches. They burned Alessa, but did not manage to kill her; before they could, the cult accidently set the coal below on fire, and the police arrived, sending Alessa to the town hospital. Dark Alessa explains to Rose that she can not punish the fanatics because their "blind devotion" in their beliefs protects them. In order to rescue her adopted daughter (who is the manifestation of the remaining goodness of Alessa's soul), she offers to take Dark Alessa into the church. Rose goes into the church, in time to save her daughter, but not in time to save Cybil, the police officer, from being burned. After the Church leader stabs Rose, Rose's wound heals, and Dark Alessa and Alessa enter the church, and kill all the fanatics. The two sides of Alessa's soul recombine, creating a full rebirth of Alessa in Sharon's body. Rose leaves Silent Hill with Alessa, using her car (which Alessa now allows to work). Rose is still in the foggy world at the end, and her husband can't see her.

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Continuity mistake: When Rose retrieves her phone from her Jeep, between shots the strap that the phone is attached to suddenly appears around her neck with no motion of her doing so.

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Anna: Sinners deserve to lose their spawn.

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Trivia: Ironically the evil cult in this film is almost the exact opposite of that from the games. In the games, the cult is a malevolent force, trying to give birth to their dark god, and the burning of Alyssa was part of an ongoing process to help summon it. In this film, they're essentially extremely fanatical Christians who are trying to cleanse what they view as "evil" and "ungodly" and the burning of Alyssa was done because she was seen as "impure" and in need of cleansing by fire.

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Question: Can somebody out there explain the ending for me? It made no sense. Someone told me they believed the mother and daughter, as well as the cop died in the accident and they were trapped in the town. However I don't buy that as the father and the other police found no bodies in the crash.


Chosen answer: They did not die in the accident. Rather, Alessa's rage and the demon's power caused the town of Silent Hill to fracture into at least three different "dimensions" that we know of (the real world, "fog world" and "other world", plus potentially others). Rose and Sharon are unfortunately stuck inside of one of those alternative realities. The sequel also confirms that they are very much alive.

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