Corrected entry: There is a scene where Brendan is beaten almost to death and his face is a bloody mess, yet once he is cleaned up, he barely has a few cuts on his face.

Correction: Entirely possible. First, a broken nose will cause massive bleeding, and a continued beating will spread the blood everywhere. Beating with a fist or kicking with a foot spreads the energy of the blow and will not generally break skin. "A few cuts" to the face or scalp could bleed profusely, easily enough to make Brendan's face "a bloody mess". (I am an A and E registrar - I know what I am talking about.).

Corrected entry: When Brendan finds the mystery car in the parking lot, he goes to smash the window with some concrete to get in but you can see the door lock is all the way up indicating it's already unlocked.

Correction: Brendan is not trying to break in to the car. he wants to get the attention of the owner (Tugger) in the hopes of meeting "The Pin".

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