2001 Maniacs

2001 Maniacs (2005)

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Cat the long-legged phillyTaken by Harper to "rhomp in the horses-hay". Blindfolded, and all fours are tied. When the blindfold comes off, Harper had tied her arms and legs to four different horses in four opposing ways. With the crack of a whip, she is ripped apart. Nelson, the lonely guitar-playerBeing the only one not to get lucky on the first night, Nelson retreats to begin dryhumping his pillow. However, the hott milk-jug lady comes to him with a Moonshine-Jug and Hose. While poised almost completely naked on top of him, the milk-jug lady shoves the hose in his throat and begins pumping the moonshine which turns out to be acid. It burns through Nelsons stomach and through the bed. Leah the Asian-Biker...Malcolm's squeezeWhile seperated guys and girls, the townsfolk treat Leah and Joey to a bath and dressing up. Joey bugs out during the dressing, which Leah enjoys. Granny Boone has her stand on a platform where we can see is the place right under the towns church-bell. Not noticing, Leah continues to enjoy posing and eventually Ricky comes in and watches. However, all fun is put aside as Granny pulls a cord which drops the bell right on to Leah, crushing her. Ricky, the Bi-Sexual a$$ After seeing Leah crushed, Ricky runs. He is eventually caught and taken to the dinner table. He is held by Lester and Ricky's former "butt-buddy" Rufus. He yells out last-liners which in my opinion, redeemed his earlier a$$-holiness, and his rammed up the pooped with a steele spike by Hester and Glendora. Cory the wierd but lucky geekoWhen investigating the hotel with Joey, Cory goes to the bedrooms where he runs into Peaches. He dosent hear Joey scream as she is kidnapped, since Peaches throws him to a chair with his pants down. She is obviously about to become a bobble-head when she suddenly leans down and sticks something into her mouth. Thinking its a retainer of some sort, Cory is QUITE shocked to see it was actually a set of jagged-steele dentures. She feasts on his groin with the "Penis Flytrap". Malcolm, the brutha-bikerFollowing who he thought was Leah, Malcolm is ambushed by Buckman and his clan. He is taken to the mysterious tower which is seen throughout the movie. It is a very large Gazebo-like structure you'd think to have picnics in at a city park, except in the center is a concrete platform surrounded by gears and chains. The roof is a cone, but the uppermost half has a long wooded pole which portrudes to the ground. It is revealed to be a gigantic vice, where the Townsfolk tie Malcolm on the concrete platform and a few men begin to turn the 'crank' counter-clockwise. Having never liked the outcast "Negro", his "Chinawoman" lover, or the "SissyBoy" period, it makes their day to see Malcolm crushed until his eyes pop-out. Rufus Buckman, the ambiguously gay redneck as well as the akward disappearence of Pleasent Valley Upon the initial Barbecue where the townsfolk of Pleasent Valley have their annual feast of outsiders to continue surviving, they attempt to redeem the only southerner outsider Anderson. They give him a butcher knife in order to use and cleave Joey. Just as he prepares to hack down on her, he chucks the cleaver at Rufus and takes him out. He takes Joey and begins to fight his way to Malcolms motor-hog. He even rips off Buckmans eye-patch, dropping the bugs inside. After an over-the-top battle, Anderson has Buckman at "gunpoint" with a grill-fork at the good-eye. Fearing to lose his good-eye, he lets Anderson and Joey ride away. The next morning, the two survivors reach a Sheriffs Dept. and report the Pleasent Valley massacre/barbecue. Angry, the Sheriff drives the two out to the site where Pleasent Valley WAS, before the North wiped it clean in the 1800's. He is tired of college-pranks with people reporting cannibal ghost-towns and leaves them to look around at all the graves of the townsfolk who they'd JUST met of Pleasent Valley. They reluctantly leave with their mouths shut. Anderson and Joey, the souther frat and hottie-blondieWhile flying along the high-way, the two luckies say nothing as they are in obvious confusion. Suddenly, the bike flys between to poles opposite on the road and we here a sickening slice. Anderson stops the bike and we see that they had just driven through a barb-wire line, dicapitating them both. The line was set by Buckmans youngest HuckleBelly, who takes both heads and says, "Damn Yankees", and walks down the highway until he fades away.

Factual error: in the last scene of the film when the bike drives through the barb wire it cuts through the girls head higher than the guys even though he's lower down on the bike.

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Granny Boone: That Chinawoman had a lot of guts.

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