The Quick and The Dead

The Quick and The Dead (1987)

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Corrected entry: Susanna's brother, John, builds a cabin for the family in Wyoming, and carves a message on the wall, "Welcome Susanna, Love, John. Sept. 1876"However, John is a member of the 7th Cavalry, and the 7th Cavalry died at the Little Bighorn, June 25, 1876.

Correction: Not quite. In June 1876 the 7th Cavalry consisted of over 630 men. 495 took part in the attack on the Sioux encampments at Little Bighorn, and 272 died. The men Custer led were completely wiped out - all 225 died. In other parts of the battlefield most of the Cavalry escaped. Some weren't even involved in the first place. Three companies of 45 men each stayed behind at Fort Lincoln, and they later formed the relief column which found the bodies of Custer and his men on June 27th. Evidently John was either one of the survivors or a non-participant.

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Throughout the film Doc Shabbit is carrying a rifle that is supposed to be a Henry repeater. If you look closely it is a Model 1892 Winchester with the forearm removed and a piece of metal welded on the magazine tube to simulate the magazine plunger. The plunger is up against the front of the receiver, which indicates the magazine is empty. Most weapons carried by other characters are pretty much period correct, but a main character has a cobbled up weapon.