The 10th Kingdom

Corrected entry: When Relish first gets a headache because of the Queen trying to contact him, he is standing near water, yet has to go find a mirror in order to speak to the Queen. Later in the movie, Wolf is able to see the Queen's reflection in a trough of water.

Correction: Relish was startled by getting the headache for the first time. It is possible that he could overlook the nearby water and think that he specifically needs a mirror.

Corrected entry: When the old gypsy woman takes a lock of hair from Virgina she spreads all of it into the bowl, however the next morning when she curses her she has more hair to use.

Correction: That wasn't hair. I believe it was some sort of magic dust or powder she put in the cup. She already had Virginia's hair in the cup from the night before but then wants to place a curse on her.

Corrected entry: Before the huntsman kills the gypsies he shoots one of his arrows into the tree with a note on it. But later he says that once the arrows are shot they will not stop till they hit a heart.

Correction: Since it is a magic crossbow, it's not unlikely that the Huntsman could have some kind of control over the arrows.

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