The Big White

The Big White (2005)

Ending / spoiler

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Climax confrontation between Raymond Barnell and Gary & Jimbo (the rookie hitmen) ends with Gary misfiring his gun with a bullet bouncing off a hubcap and striking Ray in the chest he collapses and dies in front of his brother whilst the reluctant contract killers scarper , Jimbo consoling Gary who's become a sobbing wreck over his crime. Paul comes clean with Ted and Tiffany over the insurance scam, and the pair are last seen fleeing to the tropics while Ted is still stuck in canada since his collague took his job position in florida. The dug up corpse is reburried along with Ray, Gary & Jimbo being the only ones overseeing his burial...and no we never do find out just who was the name of the murder victim Jimbo killed.


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