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Saturn 3 (1980)

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Corrected entry: You can see when the pilot gets sucked out from the locker room, that a wire is attached to him.

Correction: Duplicate entry.


Corrected entry: As the space craft moves through the debris-filled rings of Saturn, you can see the ripples in the liquid that they have used in the absence of antigravity facilities.

Correction: That's deliberate. The film shows the rings of Saturn as being made of liquid. That's nonsense, but in this film's reality, it's true. (PS - Antigravity facilities?).


Continuity mistake: When Adam switches on the monitor to view Hector trapped in the lab, Hector is seen ripping a piece of the door off. Adam then asks Benson about emergency procedure. When the shot cuts back to the monitor, Hector is ripping the same piece off the door again; it's the same footage. Also, when the three humans force their way into the lab afterwards, the damage done to the door is not the same as they viewed on the monitor. (00:45:25)

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Alex: Haven't you even had a dog?
Benson: A few times.
Alex: Well, didn't they have names?
Benson: Just something to eat.

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