The Hills Have Eyes
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Continuity mistake: When Ethel, Lynne, Brenda and Bobby are sitting around the table outside the caravan, talking, the position of the juice pitcher, ketchup bottle and mustard bottle constantly changes. (00:27:30)

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The Hills Have Eyes mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Doug is walking across the desert, soon before he and Bob leave for help, he walks into shot with Brenda in the background laying back on her lounger and the bottle of lotion is lying on the ground beside her. In the next closeup the bottle of lotion is suddenly standing upright, beside her lounger. (00:23:40)

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Visible crew/equipment: When Doug spots his baby daughter through the window in the house, the child starts to roll off the bed and the hand of a crouching crew member comes into shot to stop the child from rolling off the bed completely.

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Big Bob: Bobby, leave Doug alone. He's a democrat. He doesn't believe in guns.

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Question: When Pluto sneaks in the trailer and orders the other mutants to set Bob on fire, Ethel exits the trailer. How come she didn't notice Pluto on her way out?

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