Continuity mistake: When Choco and Ed get into a fight in the hotel room, Choco puts a gun to Ed's face and pulls the hammer back of the revolver. Ed backs away and it shows Choco pulling the hammer back a 2nd time. You can hear the click of the hammer both times.

Continuity mistake: In the D.M.V. scene when Lateesha looks at her locket; there's two pictures in it, but in the shot where she closes it the inside right side of the locket is visible, now empty.

Continuity mistake: In the scene of Domino's first raid, when she blows the smoke into the gangster's gun, her lips are almost touching the end of the barrel. But a frame later she's standing almost a foot away.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Domino first meets Ed and Choco, she throws a knife into Ed's windshield. When Ed says, "So, you want a job, it's gonna cost you a new windshield," he grabs her jacket at first, then a frame later he's completely turned around facing the car.


Continuity mistake: In the Choco and the Asian gangster-scene,sling swivel on the Asian guy's shotgun keeps disappearing and re-appearing during the whole scene.

Continuity mistake: When Latisha is talking to the FBI agents she lights a cigarette, but a second later the cigarette hasn't been lit.


Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the film, the characters go into the elevator of the Stratosphere hotel. Choco takes his hair out. When the characters leave the elevator in the next shot his hair it back up.

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