Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

Chien Fu (Jackie Chan) interrupts the fight between martial arts masters Pai Cheng Tien (Master of the Snake Fist style) and Sheng Kuan (Master of the Eagle Claw style) right in the nick of time after the Russian guy (who was disguised as a missionary earlier in the movie) reveals that Sheng Kuan deceived Chien Fu by pretending to be a friend and colleague of Pai Cheng. Chien Fu defeats Sheng Kuan by combining the two styles of Snake Fist and Eagle's Claw (he calls it Cat's Claw). Then the cook from the school where Chien Fu works shows up and reveals that he is the real master of the Eagle's Claw style and that soon Chien Fu and Pai Cheng will die because he poisoned their tea. Chien Fu and Pai Cheng briefly pretend to drop dead and then quickly defeat the cook. Chien tells the cook that he switched the tea before drinking it. Pai Cheng says to Chien Fu that he's done a good job at combining two martial art styles and that instead of having the name Cat's Claw it should be called Snake in the Eagle's Shadow.


Factual error: At the end of the fight between Pai Chang Tien (the Old Man) and Shu Chin (the fan-wielder), Pai catches his opponent with his pipe on the larynx and strangles him to death. In his death-throes Shu Chin groans until he dies; but with a piece of wood pressing down on his windpipe, he realistically wouldn't be able to make such a pronounced sound. (01:19:10)

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Grandmaster Pai Cheng-Cheh: What a bitch. I hope she drops dead.

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