Rose Red

Rose Red (2002)

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Corrected entry: Bolenger (the reporter) is killed in the house before any of the psychics arrive. The problem is, it's a dead cell, and isn't supposed to be alive till the psychics arrive and wake it up.

Correction: It's only a theory that it's a dead cell. It's obvious from the fact that work and revisions have continued on the house that the house is in fact still alive.

Corrected entry: When the old Christian lady with the glasses goes to the kitchen with the British mind reader for a glass of ice tea, there was no electricity in the house for some time, but when she opens the fridge, the light of the fridge is still on.

Correction: Remember the psychics have awakened the house, the house is now generating its own power, this light could have been generated buy the house its self.

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